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Teacher/Professor List
Teacher/Professor Name Department School Name Latest Status/
School year
Ratings/# of Ratings
img Wolfgang Ganey
Sc department KYRENE APRENDE MIDDLE SCHOOL Still teaching? Yes

img John Que
Sc department The University of Alabama Still teaching? Yes

2016/08 - 2017/09
img Sdasd asdad
Sc department OOSTBURG HIGH Still teaching? Yes

2018/03 - 2018/03
img Sam Daniels
Other department Shaker Road School Still teaching? Yes

img Heather Temske
Sc department ELKINS POINTE MIDDLE SCHOOL Still teaching? Yes

2019/03 - 2019/03
img Kerry Nahas
Other department RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA INTERMEDIATE Still teaching? Yes

2019/02 - 1970/01
img Robert Sykes
Other department Levine School of Music Still teaching? Yes

img W q
Sc department Still teaching? Yes

img Sarah Salem-Fu
Math MC Charter School of Peoria Still teaching? Yes

2016/09 - 1970/01
img Del Grace
Sc department Walden University Still teaching? Yes

2017/02 - 1970/01