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  Commemorative Speech Example | WorldEssays.com
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Posted Date: thu, 28th september 2017 10:59am
Commemorative Speech Example

Description: A commemorative speech has many types and can cover different topics. However, whatever the variation is, its essence remains the same in order to express the praise and gratitude to the specific person, event or place. Moreover, the commemorative speech always emphasizes certain values of the great importance both for the speaker and for the whole community in general. Specifically, this commemorative speech example serves as the bright example of the special occasion address to the University that the thankful graduate student would like to communicate to the staff.

Dear Teachers,

This special day will definitely be kept in my memory forever as I have never experienced such mixture of feelings as today. I want to express both joy and sorrow, gratitude and disappointment about my last day at the University where I have spent five years of my youth. Let me share with you that these five years have passed as the two hours of action-packed and full of drama film that glues the viewers to the screen from the beginning till the very end. The most impressive thing is that I have not only been the spectator of the film but one of the leading actors that performed the role of the diligent student who takes the study seriously and strives for progress as much as it is possible.

In any case, I would like to stress that this performance has not been artificial and stemmed from my heart. Therefore, standing at this stage now, I am overflown by the strong emotions and feel the need to say the trivial but so important and life-asserting words: “Thank you!”. Bless our teachers for instilling in me the burning desire to learn constantly and develop into the well-round personality I am at this moment. All the knowledge and skills I obtain, both professional and personal, are the merit of yours. I will never forget the simple but vital things you have learned me each day and will certainly use them in my further adult life. Among all the pieces of advice given, the one rings the specific bell to me. It is the instruction to remain the humane nevertheless the circumstances would occur. To be sincere, this lesson is of the prime avail for me and I promise that I would do my best not to break this principle in my life though it is notoriously difficult in practice.

Furthermore, it is the moral obligation for me to state that your efforts have not been unnoticed and ignored. Hence, let me express my deep appreciation for the hard labor you are engaged in on the regular basis without any complaints and pretensions. On the contrary, I am convinced that every member of the teaching staff has done his or her best in educating the graduates present at this assembly hall and me in particular. Thank you once again for the work you have decently executed all these years and wish you the strong health, patience, and enthusiasm for the future. Thank you for your attention! See more speech samples at worldessays.com